DIY: Nutella chocolates

Hi lovelies!
Yesterday I was hungry, well I wanted something with sugar... you know, a dessert! P:
So I looked my little (huge) nutella jar! I don't know if you fell weird eating it because it is too sticky, even when you eat it in a sandwich.
So, why not to eat nutella as a solid chocolate?
You just need:
- Nutella
- Fridge
- Molds
1. Put some nutella inside the molds   2.  Let the chocolates in the fridge for 2 hours approx. 
3. Take out the chocolates form the mold and eat them! 
If you want your chocolates to stay hardened, let them in the fridge until you eat them.
You can also make these little chocolates for parties or for christmas! Just change the molds!
I hope you like this little idea! Happy Monday.


  1. I'm embarassed to say I haven't tried Nutella! I have a huge sweet tooth though so I'm sure I'd love it. I need to try this!


  2. OMG!! You are going to love it! (:

    It is... simply DELICIOUS!

    good luck!!



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