Drawing for my aunt

Well, my aunt's birthday is next month, and she asked me to make her a portrait. She gave me this picture of when she was working at ther first job. (She told me she would sue me if she didn't look pretty in the drawing) So I better get this one right!
I tried to make it a bit realistic, but it ended up being a bit cartoony; I have tried to avoid doing my drawings that way to make them more realistic, but no matter how hard I try they always end up looking like this. (Maybe it is just my drawing style, so instead of fighting it, I'm going to start to embrace it... Maybe also I'll learn how to do it better now that I have drawing classes at school!

So yes, I just wanted to share this little process with you, I will later pass it to charcoal, I think it will look better with some shadings. I was also thinking about making a kind of walkthrough for portraits, I am not a master in this, but maybe there's something I can teach you or you can teach me about it.

Hope you like it! See you soon, Mónica.


Well, it's been quite a while. I will be honest, for all this time I was just too sad to post anything. As you can see my blog has no longer the same domain, it  is because Google changed something in their platform and I wasn't able to repay my domain, so in the end I lost it; now someone bought it and he or she wants to charge me 500 USD for it. I have lost lots of readers and views and that made me feel really sad, because I have put a lot of work, effort and heart to my blog.

But life goes on, and I know some of my first readers must be there, so I'll go on, because of you. I want to share what I do and what excites me. I'll make more videos to tell you about everything! Many things have been going on. For now I'll let you some pictures of some things that I made during this time. I missed you so much. Hope you like them!

I have been working on watercolor and digital media! I opened a little online shop in tictail (For now I only ship to Mexico, but I hope soon to ship to other places in the world :D) I have sold three originals and that just makes me so happy!! I also made some stickers and prints.

I am excited because I feel like I have been working a lot lately on what I love to do. BTW, I am going to study animation and digital arts plus many fine arts courses. I am so exited!

Thanks for reading! Love, Monica.