DIY: Rainbow cake!

Hi lovely readers! 

Today I am feeling a bit better! So, my mother and I are going to do a little (colorful) cake for my sister's birthday. (We didn't do one during her day... November 7) But well, better late than never!
I know some of you do know this kind of cakes, and well I personally love them! I mean, what is better than cake? And if it is colorful? I guess this is the best cake I ever tried, it isn't too delicious in the normal way... but we are going to add a special frosting!! And it is also full of lovely colors! So... why not to try it?

You will need:
- Classic White cake mix
- Food colorants
- 1 cake mold (or cupcakes)
1. Make the cake cakes mixture 2. Add color to the mixture!
Well, this is my first part. You can read more about mixing colors at the end of the post.

Mixing colors
For mixing colors (for this cake or for anything) you should start little by little, maybe 2 drops at the beginning until you get the color you want! Some weird but lovely colors I adore to use are these ones:
- AQUA for this color you need: 2 drops of yellow  +  4 drops of blue
- FROSTED YELLOW for this color you need: 2 drops of yellow + 1 drop of red
- GREEN GRASS for this color you need: 3 drops of yellow + 1 drop of blue

Mixing colors is something fun! 
This is a little pallet for you:
Thanks for reading!!
Happy cooking.
xoxo. Monica

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  1. This reminds me of my favorite kind of cake: Funfetti! This looks so fun and yummy.


  2. (:
    I don't know it! But I would love to try it!!


  3. This looks fun to make- I can't wait to try it! :)

  4. (: If you try it I would love to see the result!! (:
    Thanks for stopping by! (;


  5. that's so creative! Love all the colors.

  6. I like the colors too would love to taste it.


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