DIY: Waterfall braid

This is a little braid I promised to show you time ago! I hope you like it:
1. Untangle your hair 2. Start the braid on the left (or right side of your head) 3. Keep going with the braid and start incorporating some hair while you are going down 4. While you are adding hair on the top, start releasing some of the section below 5. Secure it with some bobby pins and Enjoy! 
I hope you like it! 
Love, Monica


  1. MONICA!! hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) I'm 13 too, so cool! :) you're blog is amazing and is such an inspiration! love it! and that hair-do is so sweet.

    hugs, emma :)

  2. Hi Emma! (:
    You are welcome!! ;D

    OMG you are 13 too!!! It's something awesome to find someone the same age!!
    Thank you!! (:


  3. It's seems so easy I'll try :) Thank you:)

  4. Pretty! I've been really into doing braids for my hair right now. Do you do a lot of tutorials? We'd love to see them at - our Trends sections love to see new hair ideas like this.

  5. your blog is super adorable.
    and i'm going to use your tutorial to do my hair for work this week (:


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