Blogging lessons: II.

Today I read a message of a friend of mine... Sam, the lovely girl behind Rose Vintage & Threadesque... I just love her, she is an amazing person.

Well, I know that all of you have seen some cute blogs that when you click on a picture they take you somewhere else. This is actually a great way to attract people to your other pages!
This is something really simple, you just need this code:

<a href="THE LINK"><img src="YOUR IMAGE'S URL" /></a>
When you type it it looks like this:

Just copy the URL you want it to appear when the picture have a click and in the other side, just add the image's URL. A good place for getting the URL of an image is TinyPic.

This is a simple image HTML code:

<img src="" />
And when you type it it looks like this:

It's something pretty simple and useful!
Happy blogging!

xoxo. Monica


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