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Hello there! Well, I am now finally on vacations... for Christmas! Which is just around the corner. Today I want to share with you a small part of the beginning of a new project. It is just an experimental phase, I have always wanted to make or illustrate books for children. I used to have some of them, and I can't recall the amount of hours I spent looking at the beautiful drawings, and reading the stories again and again. 

So now that I will have some time (yay!) I will work on these little characters. Which is a new adventure for me. So here we go, these are some of the doodles I did today, to start up a bit. I will keep posting updates of the work and playing a bit around with these new characters!
It has been a long time, thanks for reading and keeping on coming around! I have missed you.
Lots of Love, Mónica


  1. haha I love how you add the little notes like (last boss said I should wear it). I am really into illustration myself too lately. I am currently in the proccess of making a website for my portfolio so I can try and apply to some magazines or publishers while looking a bit professional. If you'd like to check out what I do please look at .
    enough about me, I just wanted to say that your work looks really cute :)

    1. Thank you So much Gemma :) I just went around and saw your drawings and your blog ^_^ I really like them! And, I was wandering, would you like to swap ads? (Email me if you would like to.

    2. thank you :) :) I don't really use my blog any more so I don't think it's necessary but if I'd be interested in the future I'll let you know :)


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