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Hey there! Well, I just made some little drawings of girls with t-shirts of bands I love, Guns n' Roses.. I just adore Axl Rose and Slash, the bad part is that they aren't together anymore, and Axl changed a lot since the separation happened, anyways their music is just amazing! I think their best song is November rain (: Then, well.. The Rolling Stones!! I love them more than I love food. Their style, and their songs.. I just can't choose a favorite one. Nirvana.. at first I have to say I love the name, it means a way of thinking, relaxed, without worries, something like Hakuna Matata :D hahah, the music is GREAT! I just love Kurt's voice. AC DC, well, this was sort of the first rock band I liked, their music is more than good. (and I mean it:) The Beatles, well.. I can't describe them with words! I am a huge fan of them, sometimes a bit obsessive, but it is all because I love them! Which is your favorite band? 

It's been a long time, but now I am getting more homework.. and I try to get "quality over quantity" So, thanks for stoping by! I've missed you. Have a nice day! xoxo.


  1. The music is not my type but I love your drawing!

  2. Hmmm my favorite is the Beatles!!! (of course who doesn't love them) then in second Nirvana and th Rolling Stones! Yeah I haven't really heard much ACDC or Axel and Slash, but I think I would like them! You should listen to abut of Pink Floyd or Xavier Rudd ( they arent

    1. (continued) very well known but they are really good Australian band! Well I think so any way!

  3. Hi! I'm so curious as to what type of brush you use to do your drawings!

  4. not a big fan of the music but youre drawings are always so adorable!

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    kelly elizabeth

  5. ooh! I bought a Beatles poster to put up in my college dorm room :) It's perfect *sigh*

  6. nunca dejas de sorprenderme. eres una inspiracion amiga, espero algun dia te podre conocer en person! te mando mil besos y abrazos!

  7. Hey girl! You have such a cute blog! Very nice :)

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  9. I love the Rolling Stones, Nirvana and of course, The Beatles. =D Nirvana puts me in an angsty mood while the Beatles make me feel carefree. Haha, the contrast!

  10. hi Monica!
    wow you are really good at drawing!
    I love the acdc and rolling stones girls
    do you use a bamboo tablet?
    xx Mackenzie

  11. super cute drawings :)

  12. cute illustrations! Those rocker chicks are adorable. I'd kill to be able to draw like you.


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