Hey there! Well, yesterday I was drawing a bit and decided to paint some dolls, these ones are like a small portrait of my sister and I, (we are not blond, but I don't have a dark brown marker;) anyways, Angie would be the one on the left, she is really different of me.. we look alike (everyone says so..) but she gets angry faster than me, but she is great making up-dos and any kind of thing that has to be with hair. She also has a different taste in music, she loves 1D and Katy Perry, you know, more like pop. Meanwhile I prefer Hard Rock. We are sisters, and if you have a sister you should know that fights are everyday stuff. We don't fight at all, we just keep on discussing and teasing each other, just as in every family (: but well, I have to admit that without her explosive personality the house would be totally silenced and even boring.. my mom, dad, and I are calmed.. in the sense that we don't make much noise, the noise my small sister normally does. Do you have brothers? :) I don't have a big family, just some cosigns and that's it! Well, I really hope you have a lovely day! xoxo.

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