Some calligraphic tips

Okay, so I just wanted to give you some small tips for those who want to learn more about lettering, handwriting, and calligraphy (sorry, I ate one "l" in the photo above:) So here they are...

1. Your pen. 
Well, it is really important to have a good pen, sometimes we don't pay too much attention to our tools, but after some time I realized that in some cases it is not ... that if you are not talented, it is more that your working tools are not the appropriated, it all depends on the way you start identifying which are your favorite "weapons" (: Mine, is a 7.0 Fine point, it is pretty good if you like long and thin lines, but it also works perfectly for other types of lettering. 

2. Different lettering.
This is another cool fact about this, I have to say I love those photographies that have handwritten quotes on them, but the key for making them special is using different types of lettering, there are SO many inspiring sites about calligraphy, some of my favorites are The notebook doodles and Leah Flores. Just experiment and think of new stuff! (:

3. Decorations (doodles)
So, if you have a great quote.. with an awesome handwriting the cherry on top is normally a doodle, I just love them, they make everything cheerful and fun. A great idea is to complement doodles with your new calligraphy, some speech bubbles... envelopes (: It will make everything look even better! 

It seems it is all for now:) Have a great day! xoxo Monica.

PS. I will post again the wall photos, I just want to make them bigger so that you can appreciate them in a better way.


  1. I love this post! I really want to work on my doodles/lettering. I have very little innate artistic ability for illustration but I think I could at least get better. Thanks for the tips!

  2. THIS IS SO CUTE! I love them!
    You're totally a professional :)
    So happy you're back!

  3. Thanks for the tips you always do an amazing job on all your posts!
    So happy your back!!!
    Xoxo annika
    P.s. love the new blog design

  4. I really like this post. It's very helpful, cause I'm always looking for ways to spice up my handwriting.

  5. I love your handwriting/calligraphy! It's super cute! And the blog design is so cute! (Not that I'm saying the last one was ugly! Ha ha! All your designs are cute!)

  6. Really great post! I'm currently working on improving my handwriting/practicing caligraphy :)

    By the way... you have such a cute blog! I'm definetly following!

  7. Thanks you so much for this post!! <3
    I love snail mail and things like that so this is great for me~

  8. I LOVE this post monica!
    it has such great photography and calligraphic skills!
    I LOVE your new blog banner too!

    1. this is my blog
      it's BrAnD new :)

  9. Hi Monica,

    I'm your frequent reader from Malaysia! I love your beautiful artwork and thoughts in your mind! I'm amazed by your beautiful doodling in your blog, especially at such a young age you are very very blessed with such talent! Keep it up Monica!


  10. Thank you for this really awesome post ! I love it !
    I love your blog

  11. you really have the cutest handwriting! :)

  12. Hey I love your blog ! you are AWESOME! i am 13 and i want to start a blog like you i am into calligraphy, crafting and all other sorts of art :) i was wondering if you could help me out?


  13. Your blog is too cute. This post is a great introduction on typography and lettering.

  14. Hey Monica! Glad you like my typography - your stuff is awesome! Keep up the good work!!!!

    Leah Flores -

  15. I love your lettering! So cute :o)

  16. these are really cute ideas, thank you

  17. Your doodles!
    They're just AMAZING.
    I really, really love your way of writing (:
    And your blog's design, this one and the old one n_n

    P.S. I'm from Mexico too ;)

  18. This post is lovely!!! Your lettering is beautiful and the pictures are great and the little illustrations are so cute!!! :) I just found your blog and I'm sure I want to follow along :) Keep up creativeness! :)

  19. this is awesome!

  20. Oh my babe!! This uneblievable! This looks like the best font on Erath! But wait... it is YOU making these amazing doodles! :) I LOVE them!!♥

    xx Barbora

  21. I really love your blog, your art, and your handwriting! It just like amazing art!
    By the way how can i follow your blog ? there's no button 'join the site'

  22. I wish could write like you! :)

    Liebste Grüße
    Anja von chemin du paradis

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  24. Great tips & beautiful examples! :)


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