DIY cassette necklace

Hello there! Well, today I want to show you how to make your very own cassette necklace. You just need a cassette, some scissors, and glue. Cut plastic tape inside and pull it out, then just paste both ends to the cassette. It is pretty simple, and easy to make. By the way you are recycling! Love, Monica


  1. Such a lovely idea! But do you think the plastic tape is strong enough to hold it on your neck?

    1. Thanks:) and yes, I worn the necklace all day long and nothing happened! I guess the plastic tape is not really strong, but the cassette is not heavy enough to break it.

  2. Hey, I love this diy!
    I immediately went to look for a cassette.
    I only used a ribbon for the necklace.
    Thank you!

  3. Great DIY!
    Your projects are so creative and unique -- how do you come up with all of them? :)


  4. Hola!!!

    Monica, casi diario checo tu blog, me encanta! Tus diseños, ideas y fotos son increibles. No puedo creer que eres 10 años menor que yo jeje. Me da gusto ver que personas como tú a tu edad sacan provecho de las tecnologias digitales construyendo una marca (que es lo que haces aunque no lo creas :P) y un nombre en los medios sociales. Mis respetos. Esto te ayudará muchisimo en un futuro profesional. Te admiro.

    Sigue con este exito y siendo tan linda como siempre.

    Bye bye!

    Brenda Flores


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