my handwriting

Hello! Well, I just saw this awesome idea in Minna's blog. It is for seeing people's handwriting! I really love to read and the way that the handwriting can describe someone's personality is simply awesome.

Here are the questions if you want to give it a try it too! (:
1. What is your name
2. Blog URL
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song (at the moment)
6. Favorite band/singers (at the moment)
7. Say anything you want
8. Tag 3-5 bloggers


  1. This idea is so cute :) I will do this too. Cheers!

  2. Heyyyy!!! WOW! What an AMAZING blog! I love everything! I wanted to start another blog. I been mucking around with my old one and just decided that I dont like it. WHat is a good blogging website that is free?? And I'm having trouble with blogger because the 'new' style is annoying!!! :) What site do you use? Thank you!! Love sofia xxxx

    sorry this is so long!!!

    1. Thanks Sofia!:)
      And well, a free blog platform I love is Blogspot, Wordpress is pretty good too. I am actually using blogger! And don't worry, I guess we have to get used to the new interphase :) I mean we cannot change it. Thanks for your comment!

      Have a lovely Tuesday.

  3. heyy this is cool!! jus did it, check it out here


  4. i thought #4 was "you're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soup" lol silly me

  5. Looks so fun and cool, def doing it ♥

  6. btw do you just scan it?(I'm new to this lol)

  7. I just did it :p

  8. cool, I probably can try it someday :p


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