Hurts like heaven

"If your heart is a weapon, and it hurts like heaven." (Colplay) 

Hello again! Well, today I wore some clothes for the weather we are having here in Mexico. We are sometimes at 25C° (pretty hot for me) I really dislike that kind of days because of the heat, but I love the sun, lovely sunny skies! I got a nerd Mickey Mouse shirt in Orlando, I really wanted to show it to you, it is actually for men, but a small knot helps. My shoes are from Aldo I'm not quite sure if they are still for sale (I got 'em about 2 years ago!) and the shorts are from Levi's! Have a lovely weekend! love, Monica


  1. I love that shirt! I want one super bad now.

  2. monicuuuuute!!! te pasaste, estan lindas tus fotos!! es lo tuyo :) tu bici esta cuuute!!! BESOS!!

  3. Your bike is just so cute! Not only because of the pink color but the shape also :)

  4. cute shirt! & your legs look super long! How tall are you? if you don't mind me asking :)

  5. and when i listen to that song, i remember all of your photoshoot. Weird haha, thanks for share! I download the full album right now.


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