Music love FUN.

Fun is an awesome alternative rock band from New York City. Its members are Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff with some other musicians that form part of their "orchestra". I really like alternative and rock music, so just imagine how much I love this band! You must know this song called "We are young" featuring Janelle MonĂ¡e. They have lots of awesome songs like:
- Carry on
- All the pretty girls
- Why am I the one
- All alright
- Out on the town

This are some of their music videos (: Hope you enjoy them! xoxo.
PD. I know it is like really late, but... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! (: I send a big hug to all those lovely dads and husbands that support their families and love them. 


  1. I really like them! Especially the "We are young" is one of my favorite songs these days! :-)

  2. Thanks for share! "Out on the town" is my favorite ♥
    You really have a good taste of music :)

    1. Thanks so much !!:D
      I really love that song too.. maybe more than "We are young" (:

  3. I like them on the radio but they were live on tv somewhere recently and I had to change the channel because the singer dude is horrible live! 0_o

    1. Really? D:
      Oh that's sounds sad. I thought he was like Adelle, she sings beautifully live and on the radio!

  4. Thanks for you letting me know they exist :)
    I love the gambler, especially the phrase: "we should live, until we die"
    Hey I just noticed we make smilies in the opposite direction, haha :)

  5. I love "All right" by that band, I think it's kind of underrated but awesome. :)


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