5 tips for taking care of your hair

Hello there! Well, today I wanted to share some tips with you about taking care of your hair, it is really easy to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you just need to know some small tricks! 

Okay, so shampoo and conditioner! To make your hair look lovely you need to wash it one day and wait for the other day,  just having a bath, but not washing your hair for scattered times. I really love shampoo because sometimes it smells really good! Some brands I really recommend you are Philosophy, Organix, and a handmade one called Pegasus. Also if you want your hair to grow longer a good idea is to massage your head for 2 minutes! (it really works, b y the way it is relaxing!)
Hair products! Well, I reall recomend this brand called "Beyond the zone" A good idea to apply the products without making your hair look kind of oily is to spread the product all over your hair while it is wet.
Yes, you can let your hair be free! (:
I really like the idea of drying it just with the wind, but sometimes this makes your hair have frizz! But for preventing that you can use any Aloe Vera hair oil, it is really good and makes your hair look healthy.
Just after taking your bath, you can let it dry for about 10 minutes, after it is your sorta wet I recommend you to apply the Protein Coktail spray. It helps to untangle your hair, so that you can freely comb it until it has no tangles.
If you really want your hair to shine, a good idea is to use a special cream for your hair, I use a very good one called Bed head. Remember that eating well and exercising also helps to give the necessary nutrients to your hair. Have a lovely weekend! With love, Monica.


  1. Great tips! Im a big fan of tresemme tho. Really moisturizing and smells awesome! Heard of it? Love that last picture of you btw :)

    1. Thanks so much:)
      and yes, Tresemme is awesome! I really like the smell and well, it really helps you hair.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great info..
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