Custom shirts!

Hello there! It's me! haha finally..! Well, I just finished the last exams of the 5th bimester. It was kinda tough, but anyways I survived. Today I want to show you a simple way I discovered to stamp shirts! You just need a design, a transparent piece of paper (any kind works) I used acetate, a marker, a shirt, and fabric or acrylic paint!

First copy your design on the transparent paper, turn it all around (as a mirror) and then start filling the design with the paint, after that just place your design over your shirt and start pushing the design's paint on your shirt, after covering all the design take the piece of paper out and let it dry for about 30 minutes. And thats it! It is really simple, and as it is not totally perfect you will always get different results! Have a lovely day! xo. Monica


  1. how cute! I've been doing some freezer paper stencil painting lately, so fun!
    Happy weekend

  2. That sounds great! I agree with you it's big fun :)
    Thanks for the comment!


  3. Although your post is very nice. Sure I too want to make these designs.

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