Playing with the camera's shutter speed!

Well, just a week ago I noticed that I could change the speed of my camera shutter, so I decided to try writing with light, after some tries I got this pictures! I really think this looks awesome, and it is pretty simple as well. You just need to adjust your camera's shutter speed into a low one and then while the shutter is making its voice start moving your lamp to create that neon styled lines! It is big fun! Remember to do it on a dark room (It could be a little scary if you are as clumsy as me, I fell down twice because I couldn't see nothing!) Have fun!! Love, Monica. 
PS. you can see an awesome video about this kind of pictures here. *it appears at the last part of the video*


  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to try it!

  2. wow this is soo cool, thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW MONI!! estan increibles las fotos!!! voy a tener que probar esto! gracias por la inspiracion!! BESOS

    1. Nina!:D gracias!! y si! espero que disfrutes mucho haciendolo es súper divertido:) excepto que a mi me da cus cus la obscuridad!! hahah

      Mil gracias por tus comentarios:)


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