I'm back

Hello there!! :)
Thanks so much for the lovely comments, I had an awesome trip! I am going to post lots and lots of photos I took while we were in Disney World. This are some of my favorite ones: 

hahah, I became a chicken!! : )

Flowers... flowers everywhere!! <3

Well, I really hope you are all enjoying your vacations! (in case you have some) I will post the pictures of my daily diary while we were in Disney's parks. We could go to all the parks, so we are quite satisfied : ) They are all awesome, I just wish I lived in the USA you have lots of great things there. I am also pretty impressed about Walt, he just got a great dream and never changed of mind, that's really breathtaking and inspiring for me : D
Have an awesome Sunday! xoxo. Monica

PS: Happy easter!!


  1. great shots, what a lovely place to visit!! Have a happy easter :)

  2. Oh, so cool. I've never been to Disney Land before, but i really want to go there! ♥

  3. oops like so much fun! yo boy la proximal semana~!

  4. haha, chickens!
    I'm very jealous! It looks like an awesome place to take photographs!


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