First days - going shopping

Okay, so there we were... in Orlando, but not in Disney. We decided to go shopping ('cause in the USA you can find lots of awesome things you can't in Mexico) There was this awesome mall :) I keep forcing myself to remember the name... I have bad memory. Anyways! We found one shop that I liked the best! I have a sweet tooth so you can imagine.

So, I got like an attack in that shop... I mean everything was made out of candy!! This is what I got there... (thanks mom!) 

Of course we bought candy.. but it didn't survived until today P: 
Hope you are having a lovely day! xoxo. PS. I am working on the ads of the right sidebar :) just wait a little. 


  1. those gummy bear ear buds are so cute! looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. i was wondering about the sawpping post you had earlier, I mentioned I wanted to swap with you and was wondering if you were up for it? I put your button on my page already :)


  2. I love America but I wish I could go to Paris! :]

    That shop looks so cool! I have pink gummy bear head phones but they are broken. :(

  3. I randomly found your blog searching Google for photography tips and I had to leave a comment to let you know how awesome your blog is! Wow, you are so creative! I can't believe you're just 14 years old! You absolutely must keep writing!

  4. THANKS for the button! *hugsss


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