DIY watercolor keyboard

Hello! Well, I know, it's been a while since I don't blog, believe me I would like to post daily :) So much ideas no time! Lots of things happened during these days.  Remi got sick! (now he is fine ^^) My sister had a weird obsession with cooking (what means I was cooking with her like a craze!) and I just figured out it is the 12th!! Oh God sorry guys! About the sponsor spots, I will keep the sponsors for two months then :) Sometimes time goes over me...but well, I wanted to tell you about my old's computer keyboard makeover. As I saw it, I just thought LET'S PAINT IT! follow your instinct :3 so that's what I got.

Well, the steps are just like too easy.. just let go and get inspired! After that choose you colors, I really like to make like a small group of color combos and then just choose one, as it is spring (yay!) I chose bright colors like flowers :) but the cool thing is that if you do it with watercolors after spring is gone you can just give it a small cleaning and then paint it as autumn or winter. Well, possibilities are endless :) 
Have a lovely day!! Love, love, Monica (thanks for the kind comments saying things like "keep writing" that really makes me feel inspired, like if someone gave me inspiration and happiness) 


  1. Thank you for the blog button on your site - it looks fab!!! We will have to do a swap! x

  2. isn't your fingers get painted when you push the colorful button?

  3. isn't your fingers get painted when you push colorful button?:)


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