Blurry photos for this christmas!

Hi there! 
I am really happy to post about photography again!
Well, I've always thought on how to achieve these lovely pictures... of lighting in circles!! 
So... I experimented with a kind of lamp, it looks like the one on the right. 
I actually love how these kind of lamps look, it is kind of vintage! 
The house where I actually live, is 45 years old! So it had lots of antiques when we bought it... even some clothes! 
Do you like finding those kinds of treasures too? 

But well, after changing the focus of my camera I got this...
Some little tips and observations for taking this kind of photos:
- Keep in mind that you need some light that comes from specific sources, the more you have, the better the  picture looks
- The best pictures are with colorful lights!
- Try to move your camera in a way that the lights sort of reflect
- Use a good lens, the zoom ones normally don't work for this.
I really hope this works! If you have pictures like these ones, send me an email! I would love to include them in the post (with a credit, of course) 

I am really shire I'll post some of this pictures when our little christmas tree is ready! (I called him Arthur..) 
Do you like to call thing too? ha ha, I know it is weird, but it makes some things a bit more special.

xoxo. Monica


  1. I definitely need to try this! Thanks for the tip!


  2. I call my guitar Esmerelda. :) Keep up the experimentation!

  3. so pretty! i really want to take some photos like this!! yay! thanks! and arthur..that's awesome. my christmas tree is a noble so I call him nobe. i tried to convince my family on getting a douglas fir so i could call him Doug but we had to go with Nobe. sadness. :( haha

  4. (:
    Thanks for your comments!!
    You are welcome! I am really happy you like it!

  5. I always take pictures of people's Christmas trees like this. The effect your getting is called "bokeh" :)


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