5 tips for new Etsy sellers

Hi there!
I hope you all survived to the christmas dinner chaos! (hopefully I did)

Today I wanted to talk to you about something I know you love... HANDMADE.
And if we are talking about handmade we should talk about "the best place to buy all things vintage handmade and supplies" ETSY.
Well, when it comes about Etsy you must know that buying and finding some awesome things is great! But... what about if you want to sell some of your work? Well... time ago I started an Etsy shop and I hope I knew some of these tips I am going to share with you. 

1. Take great pictures
This is a basic thing you can do. And probably one of the most important! Imagine you see something... but it is not clear or the light isn't enough. You won't have a great idea of how the item of the picture looks in real life. Sharp and good lighten pictures are the perfect ones for adding to your listings. *you can read a bit more about photography here and here*

2. Make good descriptions
I have to admit I am still working on making better descriptions for my listings. But some things you have to keep in mind is to fully describe what you are selling. 
Make to yourself these questions:

Which size is it?
Do I have it in other colors?
How much does it weights?
Which materials is it made of?

After doing this you can have a better description that will answer possible customer's questions.

3. Taging
At the beginning this might seem not very important. But... it is. This tags will help customers reach your listings! For choosing my tags I first think, what would I write on the search box for reechoing this item?
After that you can choose easily the perfect tags for your items.

4. Shop and brand style
This is something you have to keep in mind if you want customers to remember your shop. This can be developed by the backgrounds of the pictures or the way you present them. These are some lovely shops that have a great style.

1    2    3

5. Be punctual and do what you say
Well, if you are going to sell anything you would need to write carefully your policies and fulfill all what you say. Also try to send as fast as possible your items. This will make buyers happy, and leave you a positive feedback. A good idea for that is to send the receipt and a small letter thanking the purchase and asking them for leaving a feedback. It could be something like this... "Did you liked our service? Let us know! You can leave feedback on daisy smoothie.etsy.com" 

I hope this works for you! (:


  1. Thanks for this post! I've been thinking about opening an Etsy shop to sell some things I crochet. I'll definitely remember these tips when I do!

  2. Love this post! Here's a quick tip for making tagging easier: For items that are similar make out a list of tags that you can refer back to when you post a new listing. This has really cut down on the time it takes me to list new items. Just try to add in two or three unique tags that are specific to the item you are listing. You won't to make sure your tags have some variety in order to maximize your chance of being seen in the search results.

  3. Thanks so much for this! My mom and I are considering opening an Etsy shop over the holiday break... these will definitely help :)

    ~ Hannah

  4. I just open up my own Etsy shop and all of the things you said are very important and so true.

    Great tips :)


  5. So tru dat Monica! Tags r way important, photos & detailed description! I've also been told to tag & put in description (which i do) by colour as that's how alot of folx pick their treasuries! TY 4 ur always informative posts!

  6. Thanks for the tips! They really help and I totally agree with you!

  7. Good tips! Your blog is lovely :)

  8. Great points! The shops above are really amazing. The pictures are really inspiring and sell the products well. I just opened a shop on Etsy also. Thank you so much for your tips.

    Please come check out my shop!


  9. Great tips! It is soooo important to have clear pics and be very discriptive of your item. Etsy is very helpful with questions and have lots of resources for your questions.
    Drop by my shop...www.jealousmoon.etsy.com


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