DIY: little pouch

Hi there!
Today I received some lovely fabrics from FabricWorm, so I decided to do a little apples pouch!
I love these kind of little bags or purses, I mean, they are totally useful and also small & cute. 
You can ad a zipper, button, or anything else to yours! I made it like this because I am going to use it as a divider for one of my drawers.
1. Cut a piece of fabric (the size you want) 2. Sew the edges of the fabric or add the zipper 3. Sew the other sides of the pouch 4. Turn it around 5. Enjoy your new lovely pouch!
I hope you are having a lovely week! 
xo. Monica


  1. Thanks for your comment:) I love getting new fabric. I'm going fabric shopping tomorrow to hopefully get some deals:)


  2. You are welcome! (:
    I love it too!!
    Today deals are everywhere!


  3. So cute! I want to say thank you for commenting on my blog, and now I'm a new follower :)


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