5 tips for bloggers to enjoy each post!

Hi adorable people! 
Today I answered a reader's question.... "I wanted to ask you - since your blog is so successful! - do you have any tips for me in regards to getting the most out of my blogging experience? "

Well, I have 5 tips for Improving your experience while bloggin!

1. Have fun! If you don't do that... anything is being pleasing as a writer! 
2. Share a bit of yourself to the readers! Let them know more about you! (: 
3. Post about great things! If not, nobody would read your blog. Try to blog about things you enjoy doing or that you like.
4. The most asked question... What can I blog about? 
Well, that is up to you! I recommend to blog about the things you love!
A great way for getting organized, is to give a topic by day.. you know, DIY monday
Treats Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday, Thrift Thursday, Fab Finds Friday...

5. Finally, blogging, from my point of view. Is a way to connect or to know new people
from all over the world! Try to encourage your readers to comment! But comment also
in other blogs! (: 
Making friends is easy! Normally all the people is really kind! (;

I hope this helps!


  1. Thanks for this! I'm a beginner-blogger and I love advice from more experienced bloggers (:


  2. All very good tips :)


  3. awesome tips! I have spent way to much time exploring your blog today; glad to have found it :)

  4. What a lovely blog! I like it so much. Now I have to go back and sift through all your older posts. :)


  5. just found your blog + i LOVE it!!! now following!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

  6. Thanks ! Your blog inspired me to start my own blog so these tips are really helpful

  7. You are all welcome!!
    I am really happy to hear that some of you are going to start a blog! (:

    warm hugs,

  8. this is my first time on your blog! i love it :) xxo em

  9. Thank you! (:
    I am really happy you liked it!


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