Green Mountains, Blue Sky

Hi there! Well, I have been working a lot in my latest painting. (I think is the biggest oil on canvas I have ever made, it is 40x50) I normally don't make big paintings, but I'm liking this one. I had to make the sky three times, because I didn't like how the clouds were turning out. The picture above  is from like a week ago. The ones below are from today, I will update with some more when I finish the painting! I think I'll put it for sale, and hopefully someone will want to adopt it and take it home. I want to try and sell what I do, I still have to figure out how to do it best. I really hope you like how the landscape is turning out, I am so exited about the closer parts because it will have some little flowers, which will be blue, lilac, pale pink,  and yellow! 

I think it turned out a bit more realistic that I wanted, I want to make another painting and try a more impressionist style, (which is my favorite) Hope you all have a nice week! Love, Monica.


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