Well, it's been quite a while. I will be honest, for all this time I was just too sad to post anything. As you can see my blog has no longer the same domain, it  is because Google changed something in their platform and I wasn't able to repay my domain, so in the end I lost it; now someone bought it and he or she wants to charge me 500 USD for it. I have lost lots of readers and views and that made me feel really sad, because I have put a lot of work, effort and heart to my blog.

But life goes on, and I know some of my first readers must be there, so I'll go on, because of you. I want to share what I do and what excites me. I'll make more videos to tell you about everything! Many things have been going on. For now I'll let you some pictures of some things that I made during this time. I missed you so much. Hope you like them!

I have been working on watercolor and digital media! I opened a little online shop in tictail (For now I only ship to Mexico, but I hope soon to ship to other places in the world :D) I have sold three originals and that just makes me so happy!! I also made some stickers and prints.

I am excited because I feel like I have been working a lot lately on what I love to do. BTW, I am going to study animation and digital arts plus many fine arts courses. I am so exited!

Thanks for reading! Love, Monica.


  1. Hi, we're still here, so keep on writing! greetings from Kaunas!

    1. Your comment made me so happy! Thank you Rosita☺️ I'll keep on writing!


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