Remi Wallpaper and a little raffle!

Hi there everyone!
Well, it will be really soon my favorite time of the year, Christmas! So, I though it would be fun to do some Santa Remi wallpapers.

Also, I want to make a quick "Santa-pet" drawing raffle. Leave a comment below, and on next Friday there will be two names selected randomly. I will make an illustration of the winner's pets with a christmas hat so that they can have them as wallpapers too! The drawing above is of my best friend's cat. (just as an example :) Have a great day!
Love, Monica.


  1. Sososo cute!! I love these! Hope my cat gets chosen to be doodled!

    -Amanda Bird

  2. My poodle got diagnosed with cancer this autumn. We're fighting the battle and he's gone through some really heavy surgeries. We're hoping for the best. It would be so nice to have your drawing of him as a wallpaper. I've followed you for years and I love it!

  3. Hi guys! Well, as I have lots of time now, and I want to thank you so much for coming to my blog, I'll do the pet drawing for all of those who commented :3 so if you want, just email me with your pets picture, I will try to get them done by Wednesday! xoxo

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  5. That is really cute wallpaper, from where I can get it? want to have same in my phone. Thank you for sharing and do respond to the comment

    1. Here is the link :)


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