Hello there! I am here again, sorry for these days, I was in a sort of project of my school, a United Nations Model, so I had to be there for some hours, I ended up exhausted. I had to be controlling a group of hyperactive kids, but everything turned all right in the end.

Yesterday when I arrived, I needed to relax so I decided to start drawing. It is something that has always been a therapy for me, I enjoy it in every sense. But I realised that it has been some time since I didn't draw for myself, and I am loosing some practice. So I need to keep on and do as much as I can, because I just want to improve my technique and drawings. The first picture after these one is a part of the drawing I made yesterday, it didn't turn out perfect, (any drawing is) but, I remember it used to be really easy for me, and now somethings are a bit more difficult. I think it is because of my lack of time, mostly the long periods of school in which I could not draw much more than some doodles on my notebooks.

These are some of the drawings I made a while ago, The first one was about 4 months ago, and the other ones are from my arts class 1st semester. It is in the end one of my biggest loves. I really want to study arts, I want to be a painter, one of the greatest, so I now I need to work and practice a lot more. What are the thing or things that work like this for you, that relax you or that you really enjoy?

So this is it for now, I really missed you these days, hope you are having an awesome Wednesday! (DIY coming soon!!!)
Love, Monica.


  1. I love your blog! And that's a gorgeous set of colored pencils and beautiful drawings :)
    Zophia's Camera

  2. woah! I wish I can draw like you. I've always wanted to sketch or paint but I'm not good enough

  3. This is so good! I really like the one in orange.

  4. These drawings are amazing, you are quite talented :) I really love the orange one and the one above it.

    To relax I usually sketch, paint, go for a walk and take some photos (even if I know they will turn out terrible) and read.


  5. I visualized your blog once and already love

  6. So simple yet they look so beautiful! - margaritasqueen.blogspot.com


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