A moment of reflection

Hey there! Well... this is not a common post, I know I normally don't write about things like this, but now I want to try new things and see how it all goes. I would like to share with you some of my crazy ideas, theories, possible guesses and about life and everything it implies. 

Yesterday I was sitting in my room, just wandering around with my eyes and I came to the crazy idea of answering or at least trying to answer a constant question I have in my mind. What is living? What is life? Why are we here? Which is the purpose of our existence? 
There are just a few questions,  this is a part of the possible explanations I could think of. 

¿Qué es la vida?                    

Es un constante momento de lucha. 
Un constante aprender. 
Un camino que nunca termina...
Un sinfín de decisiones.

Es la dicha de sonreír,
De sufrir,
De saber lo que es sentir. 

La vida es una oportunidad.
Para demostrar que podemos hacer algo
que haga valer la pena vivirla.

Es esperar,
Es entender,
Es ser pacientes,
o impacientes. 

Es seguir a pesar de todo, 
En conclusión...
Vivir es encontrarle 
respuesta a esta pregunta.

(now in English,  I did my best effort on traducing it for you.)

What is life?

A constant fight.
And learning.
An endless road 
filled with decisions. 

The bliss of smiling,
of suffering,
of knowing what it is like to feel something. 

Life is a chance,
To show we can do something 
that can make it worth living. 

It's waiting, 
Being patient, 
or inpatient. 

It is going on, 
no matter what. 
In conclusion...
Living is finding
the answer to 
this question. 

So I hope, this may be of your pleasantness dear reader, I just wanted to share a bit of my philosophy, and try to finally publish something I wrote, (because it is something I really enjoy doing)
Thanks so much for reading.
Love, Monica.


  1. Que hermosa filosofia, tengo 43 años y yo tambien me pregunto a veces que es la vida! Pusiste una sonrisa en mi rostro esta mañana.

    1. Muchas gracias Claudia, me da mucho gusto oír eso ☺️.
      Saludos y abrazos!

  2. Beautiful poem, I love it! ^_^

  3. Your poem is really beautiful, in spanish and is english! Do you often write?

    1. Thank you so much!:)
      Yes, I actually love writing, and do it as often as I can.


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