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Hey there!
It's me again, now, today I want to tell you about the only thing that was basically enabling me from posting as I wanted to, school. I have to admit I really like school, but what I truly love is learning. I believe that we have to learn and look for as many information as we can every day. I like learning new random data or things. Words, facts... I always want to understand how things work. And what is needed for them to work properly. For example cars, or bicycles, computers, a pen, our eyes.

I normally take lots of notes, I add lots of drawings on them, to represent information graphically, (I will give you some advice on note-taking later:) But of course, most of the time I draw while the teacher is giving an explanation. For some weird reason, (I don't know if this may happen to some of you too) I find it easier to listen and understand if I am not looking to the person that is talking. So every time they explain, I try to draw or doodle. Some people get angry or confused, because they think I'm not paying any attention, but actually I am giving a good effort on it. 
This semester (second one) we had an arts class which was obligatory to all students in my group. And I have to admit it was really interesting to see how some of them reacted towards art. Some were really good, others acted as if it was a complete waste of time and money, I felt really comfortable, and liked the class. 

Although I am not quite keen on learning things that are too theoretical, I don't like it when people try to impose a meaning to abstract things. I believe they have a different meaning to each one of us since we perceive them differently.

There is a weird fact about me... I really love math. It is one of my favourite subjects at school, I am not really fast, (my boyfriend is) but accurate. I love the fact that math can make you suffer, but that only makes it more challenging to me. I love the feeling you get when you finally find the answer to a problem after three hours of trying. I also love spanish. I think I haven't told you about this, but I would like to study about poetry as well. I have been working hard at school, and got a good final average, 91, I want to improve it a bit more. High school is not easy.. I think things start to get a bit more complex since this moment. But I will always do my best in everything I do. What about you, what subjects do you love? or hate? I somehow don't like history, I'm not good with too many dates! 

Hope you had a beautiful weekend. 
Love, Monica


  1. I really like the moon drawing. Solving a math problem can be so rewarding, I agree that it can be quite fun (but also super frustrating). I am studing to become a Industrial Design Engineerer (we learn about product design, like everything mass produced from cars to doorknobs) maybe that is something for you too, because its technical (lots of math and phisics) but also very creative. It is so nice that you really enjoy school, I know people that don't and it makes you quite unhappy to spend every day something you don't like.
    love, Gemma

  2. I love the doodle at the end of your post, it's very cute! I actually like math... haha! I find it weird that I like it , but it's fun for me. I also like art, except our art teacher didn't really teach us much this year. Hopefully we'll have a better one next year! I'm in high school and I'm in an engineering class (not for college, just high school) and like gemma said above it really is a great combination of art and math. It is SO much fun!

    I enjoy reading your blog posts, hope to read again soon!

  3. We have a lot in common! I love figuring out how random things work: our ears, a pen, computer coding... And I love math too. I am pretty good at it so I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with solving a hard problem. It makes me feel smart, haha.

  4. I actually like history and science. As for history, they did mention dates, but dates weren't as important because the teachers taught history in a way that we could relate specific times to modern times.


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