About the New Things #1

Hello, as I told you before I just die to tell you all the things that have been new in my life, while I was away from blogging. Number one isn't there, because I wanted it to be the introduction of my boyfriend, who I saw yesterday. Funny story is I took my camera, and was really excited about it, but once I arrived to his house, we realized that I carried the camera all the way there, without its battery. So plans had to change a bit. I promise you'll now him soon :)
So, I'll begin with Number 2.
It had been really hot lately, and I felt I wanted some sort of change in the way I looked, so my mom suggested a haircut. At first I was thinking about letting it grow, but when they asked me if they could cut it really short, my first reaction was: "why not?, The climate is not helping you achieve your long hair goal, and maybe you'll get crazy Monica, it's better to cut it now, and grow it long for christmas". So I said yes, they promised me a really cool haircut, and I never really expected it to look as good in me as in the model, since it is something I learned the hard way in previous occasions, as many of you may had as well. But at the end, I felt my head wasn't so heavy, and could feel the wind on my neck, which was quite a relief. I am really practical, so I stick to the though: "It is hair, it will grow." And just be happy with what I have all the time. I know sometimes, you can feel insecure or a bit threatened about what others may say or think, but, if you want your hair some way, just go ahead, enjoy and embrace your decision. There is no thing that can make you look more beautiful than a smile.

Number 3
I entered an arts class in my school, and I had the fortune of getting an awesome arts' teacher there. She encouraged me to do things I had never done before. These are some pictures of my first work the first class we had. She just told us, to go ahead and draw as many things that could come to our head. We couldn't think about how to draw them, we should simply connect our minds to the paper, and draw our ideas. So this is what I got. My brain is kind of weird, and full of imposible things that I think should be possible...

gAnd this is the big painting I did, it is 120x60 cm. I used to carry it all folded becuase it was just a simple experiment, I really didn't expect it to end up that good, I am looking forward to remake it, maybe in a smaller size, but with more colors, and other things. It is called the "Invisible Bridge". You'll see why.

I really like to use bright colors, and specially love representing the way water reflects objects. I will be telling you about these new things every day, hope you like the ones for today. Love, Monica.


  1. I'm so happy you are posting again! I really missed your posts :) Your hair looks very good

  2. Monica I'm so happy to see you back! I have been following this blog for years and years, and I didn't want to unfollow you even when you didn't post in the hopes you would come back! And here you are! You have the prettiest handwriting on the internet and its really good to see what you have been up to, your artwork is so beautiful and I cannot wait for more posts :D


  3. It's so nice to be reading your posts again! I always love seeing your artwork, and your hair looks great! I recently bought some of those Touch markers, I've been loving them soo much! Hope to read your blog soon!
    xx Alyssa

    My youtube^^

  4. Your journal looks amazing, I wish I can be creative as you. Your new hair suits you too :)



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