Hi there! Well, between some of the things I did while I was not posting, this mural is an important one. I have always loved to paint over walls, I believe that mostly all of us as children painted something at least on one wall, many parents tell their children not to do that, but, hopefully for me, they say there's no problem with it at all.
I like to write and draw on walls, because, somehow thoughts and ideas that you draw on them, stay there for a long time, and they're always at sight. Many of the drawings are just doodles, but most of them have a meaning, my life is a bit messy, as you can see. (lots of ideas all over the place.)
I haven't finished it jet, I hope to fill the wall on the upcoming vacations! (Of course I'll share with you the pictures once it is finished:)
And what about you? Do you like having or making murals? or do you prefer paintings? I have a kind of mixture between them. I guess balance is always good. I really hope you liked my mural. Have an awesome day, lots of love, Monica.


  1. that is great monica! :) i hope you make more free blog design soon!!

  2. hey you're back! :) honestly love the wall mural ~ you're so good at art.

  3. That is a really cool idea, I am sure it's going to look amazing when you have finished. The main thing is, it's a personal space for you, to reflect on the things that matter to you.

    I mainly have pictures/paintings on my walls and random things. I used to draw on my walls, but my art has never been that wonderful haha.

    - Kya

    ((I don't use my WordPress blog, but I just used it here so I could comment. xD ))

  4. Hey Monica! I was wondering, what camera lenses do you use?

    Thank you,



  5. That is so cool. I just have things stuck on my wall ! I don't think my mum and dad would agree with me drawing !
    Eb x

  6. Wow I love this! My walls are simply covered in photos hahaxx

  7. Wow this is pretty awesome! I'll keep it in mind :)

  8. So amazing! I wish my parents would allow me to do something similar.

  9. It is beautiful!
    I love it! It is so amazing your parents dont mind! Yaa my sister and I used to draw on walls and we did it with nails... And we also wrote name of our cousin to the back of a sofa :D

    Xx Barbora

  10. That's a really fantastic wall--what a great idea! I do this all the time on paper, but I've never thought of taking it to the wall before. It's a natural thing to do; it expands your canvas; and you can paint over it whenever you like!

    You're so right, my three-year-old is an artist in the making and we can't keep him away from the wall with crayons.


  11. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)


  12. I love this! This is so cool! :D hope i could so this like you..


  13. I love the murals.If I could, I would paint a mural on my walls,except I do posters instead.I will so keep this in mind.

  14. hi! I just found your blog - it's so cute! i love your pictures - especially that cute/creepy embroidered tree. I also love your mural doodles. I'm an artist too so i always love to see what other people come up with :)



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  16. I like it, i love it more like. It's so creative. I am always staring at a blank wall when i wake maybe I'll try. naa the thought of it scares me. It must've taken long for it too look that great.

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  18. This mural is beautiful! I wish I could do something like this at my place!


  19. Hi Moni have a question and want you to help me . I make drawings and wanted to know how you spend your to your computer. I would be happy to know . Kisses . (PT - Oi Moni, tenho uma pergunta e queria que você me ajudasse. Faço desenhos e queria saber como você passa os seus para o computador. Ficaria feliz em saber. Beijos)


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