Gem Mountains

Hi there! Well, remember that drawing I told you about yesterday? It's this one. I decided to call it "Gem Mountains" since that's how my sister described it. I really don't know how the shapes came out. I just grab my pencil and let go. It took me about two days to make it, I normally take my time. It's the first time I ever do something with oils, and I have to say they are magnificent. Lately I have been thinking a lot about our environment and ecology, how everything is here for us, and we just abuse of the natural resources our mother Earth gives us. When I finished the painting I just thought "Imagine how this ecosystem would be exploited by men if it really existed." That's a bit sad, that's why, somehow I feel happy to have it as a painting. 
I really hope you like it. I want to make more paintings similar to this one. Hopefully it will turn out well :) It's the second day of blogging and I can't tell how much I enjoy it. I'm glad to be back, thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post. Lots of love, Monica. 


  1. Wow ! It's so cool and different !
    Eb x

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  3. Hi Monica,
    I was looking around for new blog templates and stumbled across your blog and now I am a new fan!
    I love that you used the environment as inspiration for this painting and it IS sad that man would probably exploit it if it were real. Hopefully our generation can bring a new light to how important it truly is to save the environment! Keep up the inspiring and magical artwork! :) -Sam

  4. Aw this looks really nice I love the colour you usexx

  5. This is so beautiful! The environment is something that has been on my mind too lately, and I have been meaning to look up some documentaries related to veganism, etc, to educate myself more on those topics. Keep doodling!

    Cheers, Minna xx


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