I'm Back! (again)

Surprise! Well, it's me, again. Hope you have been all right! I know I always say it, but I have missed you, it's truth. I have been doing many things. Life is getting exciting and some things are ending and new things are coming. I am about to end middle school, and I just don't know how I am going to do it without my friends. I know everything will turn out right, but, sometimes letting go is really hard. (more considering that I know some of them since kinder garden.) Anyways, as it is my last year, teachers are leaving lots of projects and homework, which consume a lot of my time. Time that I wish I could use for blogging. I just want to share with you some simple things I have been doing during this time.

I learnt how to skate.
"I'm not clumsy, the floor hates me." Somehow, I was able to learn how to skate. I am always tripping and hitting myself with everything, so skating was like a dream to me. I got a banana board for my birthday (I'm now 16, I guess I need to update the "about" page) and a miracle happened! I still need to learn some things and why not, some tricks. But skating is awesome, and despite all the times I have fallen down, I have never really hurt myself. I guess it is something everyone must try at least one time in their lives.

I have drawn a lot.
As you know, I love drawing, so I've been practicing and trying new things. Lately landscapes are like the only thing my brain thinks of when I get a pencil and some paper. I made a painting (with oils) It was just a sort of experiment since I had never painted with oil paints, but I really liked how it ended up. I'll share it later with you, I really hope you like it.

I started to read more.
Reading is something I have always loved, but somehow I lost the habit. Now I am proud to say I am getting it back, last month I read about 5 books and, now I have many titles that I would love to share with you!

I have seen more sunsets.
Last but not least, I have tried a lot to concentrate on those things that happen daily, simple things. Enjoy more details and everything that happens around us. Sometimes we keep ourselves caged inside the mobile or just inside our daily routine. My mom told me, we should enjoy everything that seems enjoyable. And life is the biggest thing you can enjoy. So no matter if you had a harsh day, you can always make it better.

It's been a long time. So I think I will change the design a bit, so that we can get a fresh new start! I hope you are still around, to share with you all the little things, and continue with this trip.
A big hug, Monica.


  1. I'm so excited that you're back! I've been dying to learn how to skate lately. I think I'll buy a board soon!

  2. Yay! I'm really glad you're back!
    Your drawings are beautiful!

    xo sarah.

  3. OMG YAYAYAYAYA!! AHH I LITERALLY SCREAMED WHEN I GOT HOME AND SAW THIS POST. sorry about all that. glad you are back. you will certainly missed :) xx

  4. I'm so glad you're back I cannot wait to see more blog posts and hear and learn more about you! Miss ya -Aish xx
    Babbles to the World

  5. Yey ! I am also in a similar situation at the end of the year but I guess you are just more dedicated to working ! So glad to see to are back. Your drawings are beutiful and I can't wait to see everything !
    Eb x

  6. This sounds lovely, I really want to learn to skate too!!xx

  7. Glad you're back! Can' wait to see your new layout, you're so creative! Your mom is right about enjoying every little thing no matter how small. Something I have a hard time doing lately because I'd rather be with my baby than at work... I guess I just have to cherish those little moments more. :)

  8. I missed you too :) I am so so glad you are back, finally!

  9. yes... your blog is amazing! I hope you can check out mine at paintingtheoceanblog.blogspot.co.uk

  10. YAYAYAY!! your back!!!! love your pictures!! and everything((:

  11. me allegro tanto tu post!!! :) we have all missed you!!!

  12. Your blog is beautiful! I just ran into it while reading another blog. I love the design, did you make it yourself?

  13. Your blog is amazing!
    I'm glad I found you.
    I ♥ how positive & fun you are :)


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