Photography - Playing with perspective

Hey there!! It's me.. again (: well, I'm sorry for not updating the blog so regularly, I am learning too much new things at school during these days. (thing that I love!) But I will keep posting maybe not so much but with the same love of always (: 
So, my mom, sister, and I went to take some photos last weekend! There was a special exposition of cups, (those little hanging plants) so I wanted to show you the idea I had for the picture, it seemed a bit crazy at the beginning but we loved the result! it all depends on changing the way we see things, and turn them all around (literally!)

This is the first one. At first I had to sort of lye down on the floor and place my legs over de wall of the corridor. It was a bit silly, because everyone was just staring at me.. like "What is she doing?" But I think it definitely worth it. At the end I just had to edit the photo, rotate it and crop the parts of the photo that could ruin the "optic game".

This one is much easier, you just need to lye down and take the picture. The only important thing I would like to say, is that the angle of the wall should be horizontal. Another good idea is to lye down on a place that has no walls, or are very far away. 

Taking pictures is so much fun, playing with the angles, and focus definitely gives great results. I just discovered an awesome photographer in YouTube, you can visit his site here (: he does a lot of great things, and also teaches some basic stuff for new photographers! 

Anyways, I miss you. I really hope to post during this week (I am starting to play guitar, so I guess I'll do a small video) I also want to make the room tour, that some of you have been asking for. A big hug, Monica


  1. love the idea :)

  2. i want to tryin that pose :)
    looks so fun :)

  3. These are very creative! I'm definetly going to have to try the idea.

  4. too bad the link to the awesome photographer doesn't work. I think you did a great job with your photos. You might like this photographer he takes this idea to the next level.
    great Idea

  5. this is amazing! thanks for the tips :) your photos look really eye-boggling, haha xx

  6. Cool photos! Your blog design and art are adorable, by the way! I love the little details :)

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  8. Haha these are so awesome! =) I love your pencil shoes! =)


  9. These are so creative, I need to try these sometime! Thanks for the great ideas!

  10. OMG! Your blog is adorable! Super duper cute as you.
    Kisses from Brazil,


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