3 ways of styling a bow

Well, so I just got a bow... a little blue bow! And I wanted to show you 3 simple and cute ways of wearing it. I really think that colorful bows make the difference in an outfit, they are the cherry on top. There are lots of other ways to style them. A good idea is to place them on top of a purse, or a belt to change it totally! They are also really easy to make (I think I'll do a small tutorial later:) 
1. bellow a high bun.
This is sort of my favorite style. You just need to grab your hair up into a high bun and place the bow. You can also do it with the bow in top of a low bun, it is really easy and cute. 
2. On the side.
For this one you need to take your hair to a side and start twisting until you cover all your back, then secure the bow and you are done! 
3. On the back as a half ponytail.
You just need to grab all your hair to the back and secure it with the bow, a good tip is trying to separate the top part from the part beneath it, I don't know but my hair is sometimes way too heavy, so this really makes the difference (:
Have an awesome weekend! xo.


  1. I love #3!!!
    So cute. Will definitely wear this to school one day.
    And your new design? Amazing.

  2. hallo monii i just blogwalkin , find your blog blog and easilly fall in love with this blog
    i like your sketch and your design :)
    keep blogging moni :))


  3. sooo cute!! la semana pasada hice unos bows de denim de unos jeans que corte! voy a probar estilo #2 ;)

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  6. Hii Monica!!
    Oh wooww! This is a brilliant idea!! :))
    I reaaaallly LOOVE it!♥♥

    xxx Barbora♥

  7. the tiffany blue looks GREAT with your gorgeous brunette hair!

  8. I love the under the bun bow! How clever!


  9. First off..that blue bow is gorgeous! Second..you have really pretty hair!And lastly OMGILOVEYOURBLOGITSSOCOOLANDCUTEANDOMG! Lol I was wondering if you would sponsor my blog?
    Here is my e-mail if you would like to get in touch: ebonyblacklines@hotmail.co.uk
    Also will you check out and maybe follow my blog?

  10. love bows, thanks for the cute hairstyles :)

  11. I am not much into bows, buuuut I really love the #1! I think I might reconsider not wearing bows, and try this way :) Thank you for the tip!



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