"All my life, is changing every day... in every possible way In all my dreams it's never quite as it seems" (dreams, Cranberries)

Today I want to share with you some of my small goals and dreams, I know some of them might sound a bit silly, but small or big, they are my dreams. I just hope to make them true one of this days. 

1. Get 1000 followers
2. Finish school
3. Teach Remi some tricks
4. Learn more about sewing
5. Make a "wearable" dress
6. Make a scrapbook
7. Have an active shop 
8. Knit something 
9. Write more than 1000 posts!
10. Photograph a bird
11. Use a skirt
12. Get a bicycle 
13. Learn more about lenses
14. Get a 10 in history
15. Take an awesome picture
16. Print a poster 
17. Help somebody to make a blog
18. Make some new friends
19. Help to redecorate the house
20. Discover a new way of making milkshakes
21. Spend more time with my family
22. Find a craft shop
23. Make a mural
24. Clean up this mess!
25. Make my mom smile 
26. Read another Jules' Verne book
27. Don't bite my nails anymore 
26. Make a hummingbird feeder
27. Get a Rolling Stone's shirt
28. Find someone with a similar music taste
29. Write a book (maybe someday)
30. Smile and dream more.

Thanks for reading (: Whenever I achieve one of my goals I will let you know, I'll also link them here. Happy Monday!xo.

PS. Which is your biggest dream? 


  1. Awesome dreams! I think I need to start writing mine down too... I really want to go overseas one day! I really love your handwriting! I also love your typewriter painting on your desk, who painted it? Thank-you! xoxo, Emily

    1. Thanks Em!!:)
      It is a great idea I really hope you enjoy making your list! Oh, and the typewriter, haha thanks, I actually painted it. It was for sale, I think I will paint more for the shop !

      xoxo (thanks for the comment)

    2. Really? You painted it? Its amazing! if you ever sell any more you'll have to let me know! xoxo, Emily

    3. Yes, I love to draw!:) And thanks!! I am really happy you liked it. Of course I'll tell you Em. Happy Tuesday! xo.

  2. Your wishes are definitely do-able! Just do it :)
    Btw, I am just a bit curious about the 11th wish. That sounds such a cute thing!


    1. (:
      And yes, haha I don't know but I dislike skirts... Well, I like the way they look, but I just don't get used to wear them! S:

  3. amiga, me has inspirado hacer una lista nueva de goals :) tengo una de dreams y lugares que quiero viajar. deberias de tagear a tus seguidoras, seria un proyecto muy divirtido! como hacer una lista de metas de 10 metas simples para el mes, como lo de hacer a la mama sonreir, o darle un abrazo a una amiga...no se, solo una idea!
    besos moniicute, y muchisimas gracias por siempre inspirarme en ser mas creativa, en no tener miedo de probar cosas nuevas! no dejes de brillar amiga, sos unica.

  4. These aren't silly at all and I love reading them. I should write my own list, too. I'll write I need to learn how to ride a bike first and then, get a bike. ;)

    1. Thanks Arvee:3
      That sounds awesome! Learning to ride a bicycle is too fun! (don't worry for the times you fall down) At the end you can proudly say you learned how to ride one!! (:

  5. That's awesome. I think I might write my goals on my blog now.

  6. I'm writing this too now, I love it :)

  7. Such a darling little blog you have my dear! Hard to believe you are only 14 :) I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

    xo Shane

  8. I just did a dream post on my blog. Here's the link


  9. Ooh, this is such a good idea! I really love your blog, it's amazing!! Good luck with achieving your goals :)
    xo Chloe

  10. Wow, this is so cool! I love your blog! I think I might be able to help you with number 27... I recently just got one. I love it. Ill post it soon.

  11. Can you help me make a blog? please :)

  12. That's so sweet! But why did you write 'make my mom smile'? :(

  13. Oh and here is a nice blog:


  14. You have amazing handwriting! Someone should make a font like that :)

  15. lovely dreams!
    Mine is going to New York city and work at vogue magazine :)

  16. i really love this blog,and your handwriting is AMAZING

  17. i love this blog,your Awesome,and i REALLY like you room,and your handwriting is amazing!!!

  18. Hi,i just want to ask you about those little cute arrows,you know for the newer and older pages,how can you add them, cause i already have some to add,i'm still making my blog.and i really love yours!!please answer!

  19. yaayy!! I already make it after I watched 16 wishes disney movie! I wrote it just like u ^^

  20. Brilliant dreams! Very realistic yet ambitious... I wish you the best of luck in completing them! ^.^ x

  21. This list is so cute! I have 'don't bite my nails' along with many others on my list as well :P

    Btw, it is my first visit on your blog and I would like to tell you that it is awesome. :) Keep up the good work!

    Sneha Sharma,

  22. I love that you wrote your dreams on your blog. There is something about sharing your dreams with other people that is a little motivation in itself. I hope to see you accomplish all of them, your blog is adorable!


  23. Hello dearie, hopefully you can achieve all of your dreams. Never stop dreaming! :-)

  24. Oh I am totally fangirling over your blog at the moment! :) I saw on your about me page that your birthday is January 7th, which is mine too... Virtual high five! :D I think you can kinda cross off number 28, as although you haven't met me, I have a pretty similar music taste to you. :D What's your favourite Rolling Stones song? Mine would have to be Ruby Tuesday, based purely on the fact I'm called Ruby... Hehe.

    Ruby @ http://feedmebooksnow.blogspot.co.uk

  25. Wow thats completely awesome!! I love your blog! If you want you can help me make a blog, and get #17 checked off ;)

  26. Wow! What awesome dreams! I wish I would have thought of making this myself! gosh! :D

    I think I'll mention you (and your blog) on my blog! (everythingangelac.blogspot.com)

    Come check out my blog sometime!
    Angela :)

    P.S. I saw your blog on the app stylegawker (i think) and instantly fell in love!


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