ModCloth love

Well, today we just woke up and find this big box near to the front door... and in just a while I heard my sister scream "IT IS FROM MODCLOTH!" it is the first time she buys something on internet so she was totally exited, I mean.. I can remember the first time I opened a package of something I bought on Etsy, I was really happy, and as I didn't find any scissors I ended opening it with Remi's help. Well, after opening today's box we found this lovely stuff inside...

First of all, we found the Rubik handbag my sister ordered inside, I just got in love when I saw it! Then, my "Time to prioritize" tee. The Parasol her standing tee (I have to admit we are HUGE fans of The Beatles, and I mean huge!) That's why we ordered the little cute Yellow submarine ice cubes! Oh, and last but not least my new rainbow pants! Hope you like them!! Love, Monica.


  1. The rainbow pants and rubic handbag are really funky :) Just love it. Tees are just rocking too. Totally awesome choices!
    And that submarine ice cubes... it took me a while to figure it out what they are haha :)

  2. My favorite thing is the rainbow pants they are the cutest things ever I want
    them so bad!!! I Love how remi is in almost all the pictures. Hehe :D

  3. i can't believe you're only 14!
    you have a fabulous blog! :)

  4. Aren't package days the best? Love your choices!

  5. sweet! rainbow pants are awesome, son jean o que material? dato curioso, i've never ordered clothes online! hehehe. soy muy peculiar y tengo que tocar el material antes de comprarlo :/

  6. Omfg, those jeans are absolutely amazing plus the shirt! I can't believe you're 14! I'm 13 and it's so hard keeping up. :)


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