Breakfast at the Four Seasons'

Well, yesterday we went to celebrate my aunt's birthday! She is now 62 years old, but one thing I really admire from her is the enthusiasm she has for living, sometimes we look lazier than her! So, my mother offered us to take us to a breakfast at the Four Seasons' hotel. I didn't know that place, but in the moment we stepped in.. we noticed it was a lovely place, so I started to take pictures to almost everything! Hope you like them, the decoration is like the English one, I guess. It was filled up with plants and flowers, all the building was pink, so my sister loved it even more. We had an awesome meal, the food was really good! 

Have a lovely Thursday! xo.


  1. Oh wow i love you design these photos!By the way what kind of photo app do you use for these photos?I would like to know.And I know that your blog is made by blogger is it the same as or a little different?Next month i am going to have .com website and i don't know the difference between blogger(.com) and wordpress(.com).If you do know will you let me know.Thanks!I also emailed you twice and haven't received a response yet from you can you please check your email.

    1. Thanks!!:D
      Oh, I use Picmonkey's filters, they look pretty cool, I guess! sure, well Blogger and Wordpress are two platforms that support blogs I personally prefer blogger, but Wordpress is a good option too! I'll check my email again :) I'm sorry for not replying but sometimes I get overwhelmed, so I try my best to answer all of them S:



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