Cartoon yourself :)

Hello again! Well, I've always wanted to know how it would be if we all looked like  cartoons! So I tried, and experimented a bit with this program I love called Pixelmator, and I ended up with this drawing. It is really easy to do, may be not simple, but easy :) You just need a picture to begin with and then just make it a cartoon.
1. First open your image on Pixelmator, 2. Add another layer over the original picture, 3. Mark the face over the picture using the new layer, 4. Add a white square between the layer and the original image to add a background to your cartoon, 5. Start adding color to your cartoon (don't worry a lot about the exact colors, you can see I got a bit excited with the hair's color!) 6. Add a background! Choose any kind of color you like, or you can even erase some parts of the white square to let the original's picture background appear, 7. Add some other details like shadows or phrases, and you are done! :) Hope you liked it! xo. Monica


  1. This is great, but, it looks like this program is only available for the Mac OS; seems that us poor PC users are out of luck...

  2. We did this exact same method in class at school! It was the exact same! its so cool, isn't it?!

  3. This is really neat! Do you have a pen of some kind that you use? A mouse is so shaky!

    Laurel in Minnesota


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