Music Love . Maroon 5 This love

"This love has taken its toll on me
She said Goodbye too many times before"
Hi there! Well, this is the second "music love" post I make, and today I want to share a song I like... from Maroon 5 (I actually love them) I know it is not like the new music they have but I still like it. The lyrics are not really for me, but may be some of you can understand that feeling :) That's what I love from music, it makes you feel... and remember, make you happy or sad. But well! Hope you enjoy it!! xo. Monica
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  1. no manches, estaaa hermosa esta foto!!!! me darias permiso de postearla en mi pagina de facebook???????? y obvio te pongo los derechos!!!!

    1. Gracias!! y
      Claro que si!! :D
      La imagen base es de una pagina especial (dale click a la foto) y yo la edite :) creo que si le das credito a los dos no hay ningun problema! ;)


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