DIY scallops bracelet

Today I made a small DIY for you! It is just a little but cute scalloped bracelet. You just need some felt, embroidery thread, scissors, and a small piece of velcro. 
 First you need to cut the scallops, then just make sure they fit in a nice way so that you can start placing them all together while sewing them with the embroidery thread. After that I recommend you to add a piece of velcro so that you can keep your bracelet secured, a button or a simple thread can work too. Just what you prefer! Remembre that you can use any color combo you would like, some of my favorites are: Yellow and Purple, Olive and Rose, Turquoise and pink. Possibilities are endless when we talk about colors ^^ 
 Hope you had a lovely week!! With so much love, Monica.


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