My perfect studio...

Hello!! Well, I know.... I haven't been posting as much as I would like to... exams...! But well, I have to admit I like school. Since a long time ago I've dreamed of a studio where I could create, get inspired, or even scape from the reality. These are just some drawings I did, but every idea starts with pencil and paper! 
I have dreamed of this for a long time.. hopefully I can get a studio like this one someday! (: 
Happy weekend! xo. 


  1. I am desperate to re-do my studio... at the moment it has been totally taken over by workshop stuff (i.e. man-tools and bits of wood). Your plans look lovely, especially the little washing line of pictures. I want one too! x

  2. I had that shirt for the longest time like 3 years ago! lol and great idea for the studio!

    1. Hahah really?? I definitely love Peanuts ^^
      Thanks for the comments!


  3. Cute ideas! I love a nice creative workspace :)

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