Colorful pancakes! Why not?

Well, today I was supposed to make the breakfast so I decided to make it.. a bit more happy! So.. I came out with colorful pancakes, they look great and taste better! I will give you some small tips for making pancakes (grandma's recipe ;) 
1. Try to add the flour after the liquid mixture has no bubbles! (: 
This will make your pancakes even more fluffy.
2. When adding the colorants I really recommend to add drop by drop... I know, it might be a lot slower but the results will be better! You will get the color you wanted ^^
3. Another idea is to make a mixture of black and paint with a dropper when your pancakes are still raw!
4 & 5. Let them rest for 2 minutes.. then place them again on the pan.. just a while! This kinda make the pancakes better when no one goes down for breakfast at time! 

Have a nice day! 


  1. haha I love that even your pancakes are colorful :)

    1. haha (:
      My family called me crazy... after telling they loved them! XD

      Thanks for the comment Arielle! :D

  2. MUSTACHE PANCAKES!!!!!!!! That one's going on the bucket list :)


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