DIY floral sweater

Hi there!
Today I wanted to show you a small idea I got yesterday, what could I do with that old and a boring grey sweater? Well, I did something like this...
Well, for this lovely custom sweater you need:
- Felt
- Scissors 
- Spool & thread

First check the size of your sweater's button and cut a square that is almost the same size. With that one make a small flower (circle, rectangle, rose, triangle, or heart) and cut a small part in the middle of it. Sew your felt flower and try if the button fits inside the hole. After that you are done! I think this is really simple, but it is a great way to give a small twist to an old sweater. If you want to frequently change the small felt pieces, just skip the part of sewing and secure your felt flower at the end. I really hope you like this DIY project! (: I will post some fashion posts later (one of my new year's resolutions ^^) Oh, and don't worry if you couldn't make the flowers the size you needed them at the first time. (that happened to me too!) Keep your flowers! I made another DIY for the ones you didn't used!! :D 
Happy crafting! 
Love, Monica and Remi


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