DIY: Snowball glitter nail polish

Something I love to do is to paint my nails... so I am always looking around for cute nail polish colors. Yesterday I saw a white snowball nail polish. But it was about $5 USD  so I thought it was sort of expensive for a nail polish. Then I decided to buy one that was transparent for $2... and this is how it ended after some little arrangements.
(my sister) 
Well, I really think this is something easy and that will look cute in everybody so I decided to share it with you.
You just need: 
- 3 (or more) drops of white nail polish
- Glitter (three different sizes)
- A clear nail polish

Well, now this is what you have to do:

1. First you should add some white nail polish to your clear one until you get the color you like. 2. Take some glitter (I recommend of 3 different sizes so it looks even prettier) and with a pice of paper pour it inside the nail polish. 3. Enjoy your new and homemade nail polish! 
This is something really affordable and easy to do. You can always make other colors, like gold or pink! 
This nail polish is perfect to use for this christmas or for the winter. It is also a simple but a lovely gift for a friend. (: 

I wish you a happy happy christmas and a great new year! 
1000 hugs, Monica


  1. Great DIY! I'll have to try this one soon...

  2. I'm definitely going to try this! I've been wanting some glittery nail polish :)

  3. Thank you for your comments! :D
    I am really happy that you are going to try it! (that is the reason why I do the DIY projects)


  4. Oh my Monica, your tutorials are adorable. I love the hand illustration in the photos. Your artwork is beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dear Anne,
    Thank you so much for being so kind! (:
    And telling me that lovely things.

    You are welcome!!! (:
    Love, Monica


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