DIY: last-minute place card holders

For the upcoming dates to celebrate, I guess you are the one who organizes or helps. (: 
I do that too, so I know that details matter. For avoiding any kind of problem, a good idea is to assign places to the guests. Wouldn't you feel welcome if you knew that someone had chosen and personalized your place? Well, I would. 
This is a really simple and cute DIY, you will need no more than some paperclips and spray paint. 
1. Take your supplies and place them over a place you don't mind painting 2. Paint all the clips and let them dry for 10 minutes 3. Make some cute tags and place them on your clips. 4. ENJOY! (:
This is something really useful and customizable. (I wish I had a gold spray paint!) You can use these ones for prizes on your shop, or for displaying almost anything!
Happy crafting,
Love, Monica


  1. Adorable and so easy! I think I will definitely use these in the future!

  2. I am so making these for my wedding... I plan to have a photobooth and we are using an instant camera and give a photo to the guests and keep one for our guest book. My mom is a pain and she dismisses all of my ideas, so I hadn't showed her this pin. But I just did and she loved it! Which is going to save me $30 dollars! :D Thanks for the idea!

  3. LOVE this idea, I was looking for something simple to hold my place cards for my wedding!!! Thank you!

  4. How well do they stand up? I need to make them to hold the names of jams at my market booth.


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