Happy Birthday Remi!

Hi there! 
I am really happy to announce that today is Remi's very first birthday!! 
Well, this is a bit of his story...  
(some pictures of Remi the same day we bought him)
It was a Saturday, just another one, that weekend we decided to go to Linguine restaurant. In the morning of that day we had talked about "Mechas" (another little pom who died 4 years ago) We remembered how lovely moments we shared with him... he was with us when my little sister came to the world. We said that we would love to have another one like him, but we hadn't found it. When we arrived to the restaurant, we had to wait for some time, so as a pet shop was just in front of it, my dad said, "I am going to buy a little Pomeranian" Of course, he was kiting. But guess what? At the moment we were entering the pet shop, the first little and lovely thing was a baby, yes, a baby Pomeranian. My sister and I begged my dad to buy that little treasure. He said that the little dog looked very handsome and healthy, so my mother, sister, and I got very excited... (maybe he would buy it!!) So we had our food... and during we were in the restaurant, we started to look for some names, Clifford, Drake, Finn, after some minutes we came out with Remi, you know, just because of the Pixar's movie: Ratatouille. The little chef, Remi! 
We went out of the restaurant really happy, bought our little Remi and enjoyed up to this day! (and the ones that are coming) 

During this year Remi has...
lost his fear to the stairs
make more than 100 funny faces
found lots of weird ways to sleep
and to wake up

It has been a very productive year for Remi... now you just have to go and wish him a happy birthday! 
xoxo. Monica


  1. aww how cute! Happy Bday Remi!


  2. What a cute dog! Happy Birthday to Remi! :)

  3. Ah sweet little guy.
    Happy birthday little fellow!

  4. Remi says:
    Thank you soooo much lovely ladies! (:


  5. Happy bday Remi! Ur soooooooo cute! Karma & Zen say eat some doggie treats 4 them on your special 1 yr day! Sorry we were late in our bday wishes!


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