DIY - french braid

Hi lovely people!
Today is my sister's birthday, so she asked me to make her a french braid.... they are too much fun!
You just need some time and an elastic band!
1. Comb your hair. 2. Start with a small section on top of the head. 3. Start the braid and keep incorporating some other pieces of hair to the braid. 4. Finish the braid with a curling iron... (my favorite part!) 5. Enjoy!

xoxo. Monica


  1. I'm so bad with hair. I need to experiment with braiding more.

  2. Don't worry Arielle!!
    I used to be awful with all the hairstyles, but I practiced & practiced... and then I turned onto this... not perfect, but with a natural twist! (;

    I will make a video tutorial for the fishtail braid also... (it's really simple, you will like it)

    keep on trying!

  3. Lovelyyyyyy! So pretty & nice gift 4 ur Sis bday!!!!
    I'm thinking ur right practice! Just fir me to learn basic braiding as kid I keep trying & trying!!!


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