DIY ice-cream cones! (cake)

Today I wanted to share with you something eatable! (It's something easy to make & something delicious)

Yesterday I went to a burger restaurant and I found some of these little containers for the ketchup, mayonaisse, and mustard:
And... I also should tell you I am kind of a bad baker, so I used a cake that got trapped inside the mold, so I just made it like a little mixture with milk:
Just try not to eat it! And put the mixture into the little container... (I made it with an ice-cream shape spoon) 
And also make your own combinations! Just have fun...
I hope you like it! This is also a good idea for a party, if you are not really good at baking just make a try and if it doesn't go well do this little ice-creams!

xoxo, Monica

pssst... I am sort of in love with this little peek!


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