Canada! #1

Well, hi there again! I am really exited for the things I am going to share with you today. I just arrived from a small trip to Canada I had to make for school. It was a great experience, I really liked so many things and learned lots of new stuff about the country and its people. To begin with, I stayed in a Home-stay in Montreal. I had never traveled alone before, so it was something completely new to me.   I got to be with a really nice couple, who had 4 grown up "kids" and a little grand daughter, it was really interesting since the mom was Filipina and the father was from Holland. She cooked the best rice in the world (after my mother's rice of course) It was an awesome experience, and I got to see so many beautiful places and I really want to come back later with all my family. Here are some pictures of the trip!

Minutes before landing in Montreal. 
The CN tower. We got to go to the top, but it was freezing! (Well I'm sure not like in winter, but for me it was quite cold)

Here's a quick view from the top.

This certainly was my favourite part of the trip. The Niagara Falls, all my life I had wanted to go and visit Canada just to be near this gigantic waterfalls that everyone talks about. And then suddenly I was there, (they took us there the first week) so it was a lot to process once we were there. We got to ride the small boat that gets you near the falls! I knew that, so I was all ready when the tourist guide told us: leave all your stuff, we are getting wet! (I brought my sandals and everything, some guys were laughing at it, but I knew what I was doing.) I really did not take so many pictures because I was just there, amazed by this beautiful place right in front of me. Besides being soaked in water I realised that it was simply amazing, to have a place like this in our planet Earth, and just thought about how we should cherish it. It is the most amazing gift life gave us. That's why I now have more urges to take care to the environment and preserve what we still have and can be saved. 
After the visit to the falls, we got to see a pretty place called Niagara on the lake. It is like Disney, but people actually live there! There are flowers everywhere, and there is this amazing view on the lake. I saw it and ran directly to the shore to put my feet inside the water. (I almost fall down because I wasn't used to rocky beaches, in Mexico we only have sandy ones, but I really liked that part too, i took some little stones with me. This place was particularly special to me. I mean, it was just so pretty and calmed. There was even a wedding going on when we got there. 
This is a picture of me and my boyfriend! This is Marino, one of the most amazing and gentle souls I have ever met. He is my best friend and my real love. I know we are young, and love is quite complicated. But he makes me so happy, and I hope to make him happy too. If two people are together and they make each other happy, they don't need anything else. I would like to tell you more about him, he is just amazing. Maybe in another post, that is just about us. (We were so lucky to share this trip together, it was beautiful and crazy fun, many friends came along too!)
Then we went to Toronto! It is a really pretty city, we got to wander around and see some beautiful spots. I found an art supplies shop and went crazy (just a bit) There's always something you can't get in Mexico or in other countries. I got some nice brushes and ink! (I am getting started in lettering thanks to that) 
There was this amazing group of duck sculptures in one of the malls, everything was jut so pretty. (on the right corner you can see Marino's best friend, Pascal)

That day we returned to Montreal, we got to stay the whole weekend near the waterfalls. We had three more small trips to other places! But that I will tell you later, since there is so much to show you and so many pictures to share. I missed you guys.

Lots of love, Mónica.


  1. Hello again! I am very happy for you. I love your posts and I am training my English yet (so, ignore my mistakes kk). That's so amazing see you making your dreams true. One kiss, and we see soon <3...

  2. I missed reading your blog and was so happy when you posted! I'd heard Niagara on the Lake is beautiful, but now I really want to visit. Glad you had fun!

  3. Both tourists and locals love spending a nice, relaxing summer day on Toronto Island. To get there, you start with a ferry ride from Bay Street, a pleasant trip that allows you to take in the magnificent view of the city....


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